PushEngage: Free Push Notification for website

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Whenever you post a new blog, push notifications are sent to your subscribers. Isn’t that cool?

That’s why a free push notification comes in handy which brings your readers back to your site instantly.

The survey shows that push notifications have a higher open rate than email and CTR is high.

Push notification is really impressive to engage your users & bring traffic to your site.

In this post, we are looking into PushEngage web-based push notification service.

Let’s get started!

Visit site – PushEngage

push notification for website

After signup Dashboard is shown below:

PushEngage Dashboard

Now we are going to install this to a WordPress site.

  • Click on Install the PushEngage Script



Now Fill in Your Site Name, Site URL, and Site Logo, and Save Site Settings.



Copy JS Code pushengage

Paste this code to footer.php just before </body>

pushengage install

On PushEngage page you can set up Welcome Notifications like below:
 pushengage And You’re Done 🙂

  • Live Demo of PushEngage

pushengage   pushengage


Bonus: You can send Custom Notification too.

custom message

With this free account, you can send notifications to up to 2500 subscribers and only one site allows.

PushEngage review

PushEngage Pricing  Live Demo

Hope this tool is helpful to all of you!

Thanks for Reading!

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