Sale Samurai Discount Code: Maximize the Potential of Your Etsy Shop 2023

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Etsy makes it simple to sell and buy goods online. It’s a creative global market and a huge buyer base after Amazon.

In this Sale Samurai review, you’ll learn keyword research for your Etsy listing and optimize for better search exposure so the user can find your product better and increase sales.

What is Sale Samurai?

All-In-One keyword research tool For Etsy. It helps you find long-tail keywords with search volume that customers search for. Also, provide price information and shipping days to create optimized titles and tags for your Etsy listings.

Sale Samurai Summarized:

– 🚀 Sales Samurai is an in-depth platform for keyword research, listing optimization, and competitor analysis.

– 🎯 The platform provides true sales data from inside Etsy, unlike other platforms that use estimated sales projections.

– 🔍 The search tab offers basic and single listing options for finding competitive keywords and metrics like search volume and competition.

– 📈 Sales Samurai integrates Google metrics, which is valuable for understanding niche potential and running ads on Etsy.

– 🔎 The platform’s Chrome extension enhances keyword research within Etsy and provides direct access to relevant keyword pages.

– 📊 The tool offers metrics on top sellers using specific keywords, allowing users to explore successful listings and learn from them.

– 🛒 Sales Samurai’s shop connection feature provides metrics on your store, alerts about missing tags and images, and helps optimize listings.

– 📈 The competitor tracker tool allows users to track and learn from stores and top sellers in their niche.

– ❤️ The favorites section lets users save and categorize keywords for later use.

– ✍️ The listing creator feature provides step-by-step suggestions and updates users on Etsy’s best practices.

– 📅 The calendar tool offers product launch ideas and identifies trends and design opportunities.

Product Features:

Keywords Research:

etsy keyword research tool 2021

The best part: Using Single Listing, you can find your competitor’s Etsy tags 🙂

Etsy Listing Optimization 2021

optimize etsy shop 2021

Competition Tracker:



Chrome Extension:

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Coupon Code

How to Use the Sale Samurai Promo Code?

Go to the Sale Samurai official website – Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai Coupon Code 2023

Now Click on the “Pricing” tab.


Sale Samurai Price 2023
Choose the plan that you want to subscribe to. (Annual plan recommended

samurai discount code

Sign up for an account by entering your name, password, and email address. Then, click on the ‘Register‘ button.

sale samurai account registration

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