7 Ways to Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings 2021

Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings
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How to increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings/Sales?

Many bloggers use the Amazon Associates affiliates program to make a tidy sum of money. Below are some of the tips you need to master in order to attract more clients and make more sales.

1. Develop some content.

It is important for you to develop attention-grabbing in-depth content and descriptions on the products you want to promote on your niche site or blog. Writing your own descriptions will help you be in control of SEO and customer conversion.

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2. Create the ultimate “Buyer’s Guides”.

Ensure you engage with the visitors coming to your site. There is no better way to do this than creating ultimate consumer guides. Use keywords that are related to the product to give readers the most comprehensive information that could help make a decision on whether to buy or not.

Buyers Guides

3. Link relevant products.

Use links that go directly to product pages or the product themselves. Open the actual page of the product you want to sell and use the site stripe tool to get an affiliate link to that page. You can then use this link in your blog or other projects.

4. Buttons and images other than anchor texts.

In order to get more Amazon affiliate sales, use “buy now” buttons in your blog posts as opposed to anchor texts for hyperlinks. People will tend to click on the buttons because they are more call to action prompting.

Hyperlink images to the Amazon product pages using your associate ID. Ensure that the hot link opens a new tab, this way; you will make sure that your visitor will not get distracted from continuing to read your article even they are interested in buying.

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5. Include call to action at the end of your article or project.

The generally accepted rule as to when to add ‘Call to Action’ button is at the end of the article. Readers and visitors want to be told what they need to do, and that’s why they came to the site.

Let the reader know that there is more information on the product, prices or deals with the tap on a button.
When using call-to-action buttons, you may want to split test what you are using to convince visitors to click through to Amazon.

call to action


6. The Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin.

WordPress gives bloggers and website owners a chance to earn handsome commissions by advertising Amazon products right from their WordPress blogs. This excellent WordPress Plugin helps you to increase conversion rates by generating affiliate links and refreshing products, prices and discounts automatically.

how to increase amazon affiliate earnings 2017

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Amazon Affiliate for WordPress plugin

7. Increase traffic.

Amazon is a globally trusted brand with a listing of over a million products. There is everything at Amazon; from electronics to books and clothing, you name it. Amazon is a favorite of many since they have competitive price tags to which visitors to the site don’t hesitate responding. This means that the more traffic you send the higher the conversions you will have. One sure way of doing this if you are a marketer or blogger is to attach lots of Amazon associates affiliates links in your blogs and articles.


With a myriad of possibilities as to how much you can do, you can exponentially double your earnings from the Amazon affiliate program. The catch is taking action and improving what you are doing.

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