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What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is the best research tool for Amazon FBA. This tool helps you discover profitable products with their product database. 

The Product Tracker helps you track competitor sales, inventory data, and revenue for any Amazon product.

Optimize your listings with Keyword Scout. 

Use keywords or ASINs to learn what Amazon shoppers search for with Keyword Scout. With insightful keyword data, you can increase traffic to your product listings, improve PPC campaigns, and grow your business.

Manage and expand your FBA business.

Jungle Scout’s Sales Analytics tool helps to organize and track your FBA sales, revenue, expenses, and other vital metrics, view performance over time, and gain insights to overcome costs and raise your earnings.

Jungle Scout Summarized:

Jungle Scout is a product research and Amazon seller tool that helps Amazon sellers find and launch profitable products. The tool offers a variety of features, including:

  • Product research tools: Jungle Scout provides various tools to help sellers find profitable products to sell on Amazon. These tools include product trend analysis, keyword research, and competitor analysis.
  • Amazon seller tools: Jungle Scout also offers a variety of tools to help sellers launch and manage their Amazon businesses. These tools include listing optimization, PPC management, and reporting.
  • Community: Jungle Scout also offers a community of Amazon sellers where they can share tips and advice and collaborate on projects.

Jungle Scout is a popular tool among Amazon sellers, and thousands of sellers have used it to launch and grow their businesses.

Here are some of the benefits of using Jungle Scout:

  • Find profitable products: Jungle Scout’s product research tools can help you find profitable products to sell on Amazon.
  • Launch and manage your Amazon business: Jungle Scout’s Amazon seller tools can help you launch and manage your Amazon business.
  • Connect with other Amazon sellers: Jungle Scout’s community of Amazon sellers can help you share tips and advice and collaborate on projects.

If you are an Amazon seller, Jungle Scout is a valuable tool to help you find profitable products, launch and manage your business, and connect with other Amazon sellers.

Jungle Scout NEW* Power Features:

#Supplier Database

  • Supplier Database is an excellent search tool for finding a supplier. JS indexed all the US customs import records and made them easily searchable. You can now see a supplier-specific to your product or your competitor’s suppliers.  

How to Use the Supplier Database | Jungle Scout Tutorial

#Keyword Scout

  • Keyword Scout is a JS keyword research tool. Most authentic and complete Amazon keyword research tool on the market.
  • Identify Keyword Volume
  • direct insights
  • PPC bids

Estimates for ease of ranking and recommended giveaways

Keyword Scout Advanced Filters | Amazon Keyword Research Tutorial

Note: Keyword Scout supports Amazon.com (US), Amazon.mx, Amazon.ca, all European Marketplaces  UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Japan! You will see different keyword data for each of these marketplaces so you can better target your customer base.

#Opportunity Finder

  • JS Opportunity Finder helps you find profitable niche ideas. Using its custom filters, you can organize the top niches on Amazon using your selected criteria. That way, you can develop your winning niche research approach.

oppfinder js

 #Rank Tracker

  • Rank Tracker is one JS powerful feature enabling you to track how your Amazon product listings perform in search rankings over time.

jungle scout rank tracker

#Jungle Scout Alerts

  • Jungle Scout Alerts is a new way to keep an eye on Amazon products you’re following or selling, allowing you to watch price, reviews, and more.

Jungle Scout’s Alerts

#Inventory Manager

  • JS Inventory Manager takes a data-driven approach to your Amazon inventory management. Correctly predict how much stock you should order and the best dates to order it to boost your Amazon sales and avoid stockouts and fees.

JS Inventory Manager

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Jungle Scout Coupon 2022

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The State of the Amazon Seller

The State of the Amazon Seller

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