feedbear lifetime

FeedBear Lifetime Deal

The simplest way to collect and respond to customer feedback. It can be hard to get feedback from customers. You need a system that will let the customer communicate with you, and then you need to reply quickly. It’s a common scenario – we receive an email or message asking about our product, but we…

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What is my screen resolution

What is My Screen Resolution

What Is Screen Resolution? You’ve most likely heard of screen resolution before, but what exactly are we talking about when saying that a screen has a specific resolution? In its simplest form, screen resolution is the number of pixels on your phone’s display. The more pixels there are on the screen, the better the picture…

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What Is Gratitude and How to Practice It?

What is Gratitude? Gratitude is defined as being kind, thankful, and appreciative of someone or something. But how can you be grateful when you’re struggling with mental illness or when life is hard?  Science Behind Gratitude When you’re grateful for what you have, it reinforces your positive thoughts and makes you feel happier, and brings…

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