FeedBear Lifetime Deal

feedbear lifetime
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The simplest way to collect and respond to customer feedback.

It can be hard to get feedback from customers. You need a system that will let the customer communicate with you, and then you need to reply quickly.

It’s a common scenario – we receive an email or message asking about our product, but we don’t know when we’ll be able to reply.

This may put off prospective consumers and existing customers accustomed to receiving prompt assistance when they contact for help.

FeedbackBear resolves this problem by allowing users to provide feedback right in your product, making it simple and convenient for both parties!

If you want to know which features should be prioritized next, you can use the Roadmap feature. Finally, a Changelog keeps everyone informed about the changes made with each new release of your product.

Meet FeedBear:

What is it?

What if you could collect consumer comments, thoughts, and bug reports with minimal effort?

With one easy tool, customers may express what they think with FeedBear. Moreover, you get all the information in a single spot, making it more straightforward for everyone!

feedbear allows you to improve your products by listening carefully:) With the Roadmap feature that displays your development from start to finish and a Changelog that describes new features introduced, feedbear aids in creating special items.

Why do you want it?

One place for all your feedback.

• The centralized knowledge base can help reduce inefficiencies. This means that it can help you work better and faster.

• Fast and effective communication is essential.

• Track how customers are engaged.


FeedBear Lifetime Deal