The Best Google Chrome extensions and add-ons November 2021

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If you are part of the nearly 50% of people on the planet who access the internet via Google Chrome then you know the help of their extensions how much important? So in this article, I gather the best of all chrome extensions, check out and install them now.
Since its launch, among the important things that attract the attention of its users is the flexibility of applications that Chrome extensions supply for free to its users.



If you have trouble focusing at work and end up distracting from minute to minute to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and want a radical measure should try StayFocusd. With it, you restrict the time that can access the distractions.

Awesome Screenshot

Do you ever need to make a print something you saw on a website and Ctrl + PrintScreen, then open the Paint or Photoshop to paste the capture and then cut and finally save what you want? With Awesome Screenshot, you can save as an image the entire visible area of ​​the site, the entire page (including rollovers), or some particular field. Then you can insert various elements and save, print, send to the cloud, etc.Awesome Screenshot

Google Calendar

Essential if you are too busy, or just forgotten, even. Organize dates, add reminders, set “alarm”, share your calendar with other users (can be created, for example, a schedule of the band, or your company), invite others to follow your routine, integrate with other applications (eg Microsoft Outlook, Facebook events, etc.), work offline, and best of all: Take your calendar anywhere you want with integration via Android.

Google Calendar

Evernote Web Clipper

The easiest way to collect the best of the web, all in one place.
Liked something? “Clip” and send it directly to your Evernote account. Now it will be available on all your devices. Capture pages and articles and save them to Evernote to search or read later.

Evernote Web Clipper

Instant Translate

How about a translator always ready to work, without having to go up every time Google Translate to know the meaning of a word or phrase? Then install this small extension and do it all on the same page you’re working on.


Pixlr Editor

How about getting professional effects editing on your images without having to get very heavy using software such as PhotoShop? Because that is what Pixlr offers.  All free of charge and without regret in PC performance.

Pixlr Editor

Social networks

App Launcher for Messenger

Enjoy using the standalone FB messenger app quickly with App Launcher for Messenger
This app will direct you to Facebook Messenger’s official website.

App Launcher for Messenger

Social Fixer for Facebook

Take full control of your Facebook, choose what you want to see, change colors, change a background, add themes, shortcuts. Block particular topics, such as football, novels, BBB, etc.

Facebook Customizer (by Adblock Plus)

Created by Adblock Plus (we shall see) this tool promises to block everything that bothers on Facebook. There are 21 options to be blocked, including the boxes of pages you may like, add to the list of movies, shows, books, etc. classify this place, recommended pages, suggestions from friends, games, suggested groups, etc.

Silver Bird

Silver Bird is a Twitter extension that allows you to follow your timelines and interact with your Twitter account.

Instagram for Chrome

Use Instagram straight from your browser. The familiar Instagram user interface makes it very easy to search, like, and discuss all the images from your feed.


Radio Player Live Stations
Listen to free live Internet radio stations.
Support United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Mexico radio stations.

VPN – Hola

Access blocked websites in your country, company, or school with Hola! Hola is free and easy to use!

This is truly amazing. You know when you try to watch a video on YouTube, but it is blocked
by regional restrictions? It is not available in Brazil or wherever you are? With Hola, it’ll never happen.



With Disconnect installed on your browser, cookies and metadata will no longer be captured through the pages you visit, and more: you can see the invisible connections that try to capture the data you pass by.


HTTPS Everywhere

Project partnership TOR and EFF, this extension encrypts the pages you access to HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, or secure hypertext transfer protocol).

LastPass: Free Password Manager

If you are those, who follow safety tips from the experts and maintains a different configuration for each service, social network, email, etc. You will love this extension. With this, you keep ALL your passwords in one place, protected by a master password.



Adblock Plus

Perhaps the most famous of Chrome extensions are designed to block ads in Chrome, filters everything that is annoying and you certainly do not want to see, from banners and pop-ups to advertisements on Facebook and Youtube.

Adblock Plus 2016

Save to Pocket

Perfect extension for you which saves a lot of things to read later, it centralizes everything in one place. Still can be synchronized with your Android and read this content anywhere, offline !!

Save to Pocket Chrome

Save to Google Drive

this extension is to save something you saw on the internet and liked it, directly to your Google Drive.


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