Filmora 12 Review: Pros or Cons for Beginners? Is Filmora 12 Worth the Money? September 2023

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Filmora 12 is a video editing software that assists you in editing your videos with ease. You can recode your screen and make tutorials like voiceover or face cam videos, animations, and cool transitions. 

What is Filmora 12?

Filmora 12 is software for video editing and animation. It has drag-and-drop features that make it easy to edit videos. Filmora 12 is great for beginners and casual video editors.

You can add filters, audio, text, and video clips differently or drag them from your computer or an online library. The FilmoraX tools provide everything you need to create a polished video from start to finish.

It also has a timeline mode that helps you organize your clips, pictures, and music or voiceover tracks before exporting the final product.

Video Edited Using Filmora 12:

Top benefits of Filmora 12

  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Professional quality editing software for beginners
  • A wide variety of Transitions
  • Filmora 12 is a solid video editing program for beginners and intermediate users.
  • Video creators who are considering starting a YouTube channel
  • Those looking for hassle-free editing software or a powerful video editing suite will find it easy to learn Filmora 12.

One of the benefits of FilmoraX is that it has professional-quality editing software. You can edit the video from start to finish. The program is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems. In addition, it has easy editing tools that let you drag and drop files into the timeline to create clips.

Filmora 12 Key Features:

Easy to Use:

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Filmora X Editor

Filmora has a user-friendly interface that allows you to rotate easily, merge for length, split, and reassemble clips if they are too long or need to be cut.

Filters and Coloring Tools:

Filmora X Filters and Coloring Tools

Filmora 12 allows you to drag and drop filters on your timeline to change the looks of your clips. Or use advanced coloring tools such as Auto Color Matching to control color correction precisely.


Filmora X Keyframing

With one-click preset options or custom animations, FilmoraX is the easiest keyframing experience.

Music and Sound Effects:

Filmora X Music

With FilmoraX, you can find the perfect song without spending hours searching.

Built-In Video Effects:

Filmora X Effects

The variety of titles, filters, overlays, transitions, and motion graphics offers an easy way to upgrade the quality of your videos.

Filmora 12 Pros and Cons


Professional quality editing software

Drag and drop interface

Video creators can go from start to finish

Easy to use with a wide variety of Transitions

Affordable Lifetime License


The free version of Filmora 12 includes a watermark on the video.

Pricey but affordable for intermediate users

My experience using Filmora 12

I was first introduced to FilmoraX earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised. A friend of mine had shown me an excellent video he made using Filmora 11

We started talking about how it’s easy to use, with drag-and-drop features, filters, overlays, and audio clips. It also has a timeline mode that makes organizing clips easy.

It’s great for beginners and intermediate users since there are many tutorials out there that you can watch just by googling them on YouTube.

Conclusion: Should you buy Filmora 12?

In conclusion, I highly recommend Filmora 12 to anyone looking for a professional quality video editing program. Its drag-and-drop features, filters, overlays, and audio clips are easy for beginners and intermediate users.

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