InMotion Hosting Review (January 2018)

inmotion hosting review 2017
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The Internet was invented in the 1970s then it was used for personal media from 1990s and from 2000s the internet has evolved so much that there are about 10 trillion web pages today. There are so many bloggers, web developers working hard to bring up their brand or service or products through the internet.

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To own a web page on the internet you require a unique IP address or a domain and a hard disk to store your web page and upload when requested or simply hosting. There are thousands of domain name, hosting, web development, marketing services on the internet.

In this post, I will be sharing with you the famous web hosting company which has been serving the internet since 2001. Yes! I am talking about the InMotion Hosting which is one of the best and most reliable postings that I have been using in some of my blogs.

Inmotion is listed under the Endurance International web hosting solutions which are a backbone of many famous resellers hosting companies like Hostgator, Bluehost, iPage, etc. review

Jaw Dropping Features of InMotion Hosting:

Features of InMotion Hosting

⦁    The average uptime of InMotion Hosting is about 99.98% which is very cool to hear, the source of this information are various surveys and customer reviews. So, having InMotion Hosting as your hosting will have your website live and running for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and 356 days a year!

⦁    According to most of the source, InMotion Hosting has the best response time compared to all other hosting companies. It is said to have 40% faster response time because of their well-established data centers in various countries. It will also help you in ranking in search engines as it is one of the factors which improve ranking.

InMotion Hosting has an award winning customer care service, I will be discussing more their customer service in a detailed fashion later in this post. So stay tuned.

⦁    You will be getting a free domain for a year when you purchase hosting from them, most of the leading web hosting companies provides this feature but InMotion Hosting stands out because they provide this feature in all almost all the plans they have which are very cheap and affordable by any blogger.

⦁    You may have heard of 30 days money back guarantee provided by many companies. But it is little different in the case of InMotion Hosting as they are very the confident in the services they provide, they offer a 90 days money back guarantee for their new customers.

⦁    The have native app installer, which makes us easier to install third party app like Joomla, WordPress in one click which third party software installer services like softoclous provide.

⦁    Most of the professional and hobby blogger use WordPress as it is very easy to use and user-friendly, so if you are going to use WordPress in InMotion Hosting, then you will get access to a premium WordPress plugin known as Sucuri Plugin which provides utmost security to your WordPress blog or website. So that you will never have to worry about DDoS attacks, hacks or anything.

⦁    InMotion Hosting provides a free website transfer services for the customer who currently use other hostings, you will have your website transferred completely to InMotion Hosting without losing a single piece of data.

⦁    If you are planning to start an e-commerce website then your hosting provider should be InMotion Hosting as they have a partnership with many leading e-commerce service providers like site ground, Prestashop, etc.

⦁    This is one of the best features which InMotion Hosting provides, I personally love them which is Free Data Backup at regular intervals, this feature is absent in most of the web hosting providers due to which many people lose their site in minutes, but it is not in case of InMotion Hosting, you will have free data backup up to 10GB.

⦁    Google Apps for work provide a professional touch to your brand, so having it in your site services is a must for well-established blogs and also new blogs, InMotion Hosting provides easy one-click Google Apps integration.

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As I have mentioned above in the feature section, the performance of InMotion Hosting is 40% better than other hostings and the bandwidth, response time, data overloading, every feature that a hosting company can provide will have the best one from InMotion Hosting.


This is one of the best reason to choose InMotion Hosting as they provide free data backup at regular intervals to all their customers. This feature is not present with most of the hosting companies, so this is one of the sole reason why people love InMotion Hosting.


They have an award winning customer care service team who work 24 X 7 for their customers, be it a site transfer or a noob question, they provide very good detailed answer and service to all the customers, there is a separate page with thousands of FAQs and they customer care is reachable through email, phone, chat, etc.


Pros of InMotion Hosting

⦁    Excellent Hosting Performance

⦁    Award winning Customer Service & Community Support

⦁    cPanel & Usability with Free Addons and Plugins

⦁    Guarantees & Freebies

⦁    Free Data Backups

Cons of InMotion Hosting

⦁    Price Point – Cheap prices for 2 years subscription only.

⦁    Database or Website Limitations

⦁    Broad Product Focus

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Final words

Finally, to conclude in simple words, InMotion Hosting is a very old and most trusted hosting service which you can buy without any hesitations. From a decade of experience in hosting service they have a variety of plans and service from all types of bloggers and web developers from free hosting to ultra premium hosting, so whoever you may be you have got a unique plan that fits perfectly with you! Share your valuable feedbacks in the comment section below.

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