How to Start a Blog with GreenGeeks

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GreenGeeks is a hosting company that focuses on environmentally friendly green hosting right from the onset and throughout the hosting process. The company offers a variety of hosting plans to beginners and to large companies. With plenty of features and friendly prices, GreenGeeks is the ultimate tool for bloggers. Here is to start out blogging with GreenGeeks.

Get GreenGeeks Account

You will definitely need a web hosting account with GreenGeeks in order to start a blog. GreenGeeks is a leading hosting provider for WordPress and comes with a free domain Name.

Install WordPress

You can easily install WordPress thanks to the hassle-free process that GreenGeeks provide. You can also have your WordPress automatically updated for you.

Once you do this, you will have full access to WordPress installation which allows you to customize plugins, themes and everything else that will make the blog reflect your style and vibe.

Basic Features of GreenGeeks

1-click WordPress install allows you to install and customize the world’s best blogging tool hassle free. This 1-click installation also allows for the installation of other apps.

PHP 7 enabled. GreenGeeks is one of the first green hosting companies to adopt PHP 7. You can have custom PHP versions to ensure you have faster PHP executions.

HTTP/2 enabled network protocols to ensure that users enjoy faster page loads. This protocol may require encryption.

Free CDN which is courtesy of CloudFlare allows you to cache your content and avail it from servers that are closest to your website visitors. The GreenGeeks servers are also WordPress optimized to allow faster page loading.

Advanced WordPress Security is an industry first in the approach of WordPress Security. The security framework includes;

  • Automatic Updates which keeps the site protected by ensuring the WordPress core is up to date.
  • Real-time Security Scanning which actively and consistently scans and blocks any vulnerabilities available in order to protect your blog.
  • Account Isolation capacity which allows for your blog site to be isolated from other customers on the server.
  • Brute Force and DDoS protection which is a built-in security feature for WordPress sites on GreenGeeks.

SSD Hard Drives are provided so that all your databases and website files are stored on solid state drives which are conveniently configured in a redundant RAID-10 storage array.

Customer Support

Customer support is a very important aspect of any hosting company. It goes without saying that things are going to go wrong one time or the other and it is important that you know you will get helpful support to ensure you recover from problems that may emerge. Here are some of the support promises that are offered by GreenGeeks;

  • 24/7 Email Support (US based)
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Live Chat and telephone support (the phone support is US based Mon- Fri 9 AM to 12 AM EST and Saturday- Sunday 9 AM to 8 PM EST)
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 15-20 minutes average resolution time when you encounter problems
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • 1 free domain registration
  • Solid State Drives that allow for fast speeds
  • Free backups

Your Choices with GreenGeeks

There are two types of web hosting services that are provided by GreenGeeks. These are Share hosting and reseller hosting. The shared hosting service has only one package which is the EcoSite. The reseller package, on the other hand, has five different packages which are the Seed, Sprout, Plant, Tree, and Forest.

The Shared Hosting plan offers users unlimited hosting where you get unlimited data storage, data transfer, MySQL databases and POP3 E-mail support.

How the reseller hosting packages work

Once you sign up for a reseller hosting account on the GreenGeeks platform, you get login information for the reseller control panel known as the Web Host Manager. The WHM enables you to offer customers with their own end-user control panel (cPanel). This will allow them to manage e-mails, website files, domain names and so forth without you having to do the tasks for them.

The GreenGeeks Hosting Trial Period

GreenGeeks offers you a 30-day money back guarantee period. This means that you will get a full refund in the event you choose to cancel within the 30-day period. You will still own the domain whether or not you have GreenGeeks as your hosting service provider but you will forfeit setup fees and domain registration or transfer costs.

Shopping carts on GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks provide 3 different shopping carts free of charge. These are the Zen-Cart, CubeCart, and OSCommerce. These shopping carts can be integrated with the most common online money payment platforms like 2Checkout, PayPal, Skrill, and

PHP, MySQL, and cPanel versions offered

At the time of this writing, GreenGeeks supports cPanel 11. The platform uses MySQL version 5.0.81 –MySQL community edition. GreenGeeks uses 5.2.11 for PHP. That said, it is important to mention that GreenGeeks is very keen on updating the latest software which means that you can run on the latest stable version of either MySQL, cPanel or PHP.

What about Windows Hosting

GreenGeeks is a Linux/Unix based web hosting service provider and therefore they do not offer Windows servers hosting or any web hosting which would necessitate support from .net or .asp

Advantages and Disadvantages of GreenGeeks


  • GreenGeeks is better for the environment thanks to their strong green values. Hosting your WordPress blog with GreenGeeks gives you an opportunity to support a green cause.
  • GreenGeeks is loaded with features that are optimized for WordPress to ensure that your blog is fast and secure.
  • The prices are very affordable considering the features offered.
  • Top-notch professional customer support


  • There is a small set-up fee if you choose to go with the monthly billing.
  • The phone support is not available 24 hours a day. If you encounter a problem in the early hours of the morning, you may be required to use email or live chat support.

Final word

Compared to the other hosting companies, GreenGeeks is relatively new. However, there are numerous plus points for you to enjoy especially if you are a blogger- something that makes GreenGeeks stand heads and shoulders above the competition. With the nightly free backup and high server uptime at reasonable prices, there is nothing not to like about GreenGeeks. The ordering process takes no time at

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