Best Proxy for Instagram: Webshare Proxy Server Review 2023

Best Proxy for Instagram
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What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server serves as an intermediary between a client and a server, facilitating various functions such as concealing the client’s IP address and location and providing features like caching, load balancing, and security.

There are two primary types of proxies:

HTTP proxies: These proxies intercept and manage HTTP requests. They are frequently used to shield the client’s IP address, overcome geo-blocking restrictions, and gain access to blocked websites.

SOCKS proxies: These proxies intercept and manage various types of network traffic, including TCP and UDP. They are commonly employed to bypass firewalls and connect to private networks.

Proxies serve several purposes, including:

Anonymity: Proxies can mask the client’s IP address and location, preserving privacy.
Geo-blocking: Proxies can circumvent geo-blocking, which limits access to websites or services based on user location.
Rotating Proxy: A rotating proxy is a proxy server that continually changes or rotates the IP address it assigns to a user or client device. The rotation can occur at regular intervals or after each request is made through the proxy.
Accessing blocked websites: Proxies provide access to restricted websites in the client’s geographical region.
Caching: Proxies can store frequently accessed content, enhancing overall performance.
Load balancing: Proxies distribute traffic across multiple servers, enhancing performance and reliability.
Security: Proxies offer protection against cyberattacks, safeguarding the client’s online activities.

In most countries, the use of proxies is legal. Nevertheless, some exceptions apply. For instance, in certain jurisdictions, using proxies to evade geo-blocking or access blocked websites may be deemed illegal.

If you are considering employing a proxy, it is essential to choose a reputable provider. Although numerous free proxy services are available, they often lack reliability and security. Moreover, being cognizant of the legal consequences of proxy usage in your country is crucial.

Why Use a Rotating Proxy for Instagram?

Here are some reasons why you might want to use a rotating proxy for Instagram:

  • To avoid IP bans: Instagram has a strict policy against automated activity, and if you are found to be using bots or scripts to interact with the platform, your IP address may be banned. Using a rotating proxy can help you avoid this by making it appear as if you are coming from different IP addresses.
  • To protect your privacy: When using a rotating proxy, your IP address is hidden from Instagram. This can help to protect your privacy and make it more difficult for someone to track your activity on the platform.
  • To access content that is blocked in your region: Instagram may be blocked in your region for a variety of reasons. Using a rotating proxy can help you to bypass these blocks and access the platform from anywhere in the world.
  • To get around rate limits: Instagram has a number of rate limits in place to prevent users from making too many requests in a short period of time. Using a rotating proxy can help you to bypass these limits and interact with the platform more quickly.
  • To get more features: Some rotating proxies offer additional features that can be helpful for Instagram users, such as the ability to change your location or to get more likes and comments on your posts.

It is important to note that using a rotating proxy does not guarantee that you will not be banned from Instagram. However, it can help reduce the risk of being banned and offer other benefits, such as privacy and security.

Best Rotating Proxies for Instagram?

Webshare offers Instagram proxy servers that are designed for high performance and low rates. They provide high-speed connections and let you choose any region they are available in. Their Residential plan gives you access to over 30 million IP addresses.
Webshare offers several types of Instagram proxies, including:
  • Proxy Server: Fast and affordable
  • Private Proxy: Dedicated proxy server quality at an affordable price
  • Dedicated Proxy: Ultimate privacy and performance
  • Static Residential Proxy: High-speed residential proxies with unlimited bandwidth
Using a proxy for Instagram can have several benefits, including:
  • Hiding your IP address, making it harder for Instagram to track your location
  • Bypassing restrictions if Instagram is restricted in your region

best proxy for instagram

At Webshare, we provide three distinct methods for establishing connections: Direct, Rotating, and Backbone. We advise our users to choose the appropriate method based on their specific proxy usage. Here’s a breakdown of each connection option:

Direct Connection:
This method is ideal if your proxy list remains static without any automatic refreshes or replacements. With a Direct Connection, you can connect to various proxy addresses using the same login credentials. It offers the highest speed and is suitable for most typical use cases.

Rotating Connection:
The Rotating proxy endpoint automatically rotates proxies within your list randomly with each request. Proxies are shuffled automatically, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This approach enhances your anonymity and makes it more challenging for the target website to detect your proxy activity.

– Time-saving
– Increased anonymity

– Slightly slower (0-100 milliseconds) compared to Direct Connection

You can configure the Rotating proxy endpoint as follows:
1. Access the Rotating Proxy Endpoint page.
2. Inside the Rotating Proxy Endpoint panel, obtain the Domain Name and Proxy Port along with the Proxy Username and Proxy Password, or use the IP authorized on your account.

Backbone Connection:
Like the Rotating Proxy method, the Backbone Connection is recommended when your proxy list needs regular refreshing. However, the key difference is that Backbone always uses the same IP address, providing a consistent point of connection.

– Time-saving
– Enhanced anonymity

– Slightly slower (0-100 milliseconds) than the Default option

Here’s the pricing information for Webshare’s residential proxies:

Bandwidth Proxies IP Authorization Pricing per month
1 GB 30 million+ IPs Included $7
10 GB 30 million+ IPs Included $60
25 GB 30 million+ IPs Included $137.50

Money-back guarantee: 2 days

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