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IFSC Code Search: Discover Bank Branch Details


The IFSC code, or Indian Financial System Code, is a unique alphanumeric code used to identify specific bank branches in India during electronic fund transfers like NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS. It ensures accurate routing of funds and helps confirm the destination bank and branch for secure transactions.


Welcome to our comprehensive IFSC Code Lookup service, where you can effortlessly unveil intricate details about various bank branches.

With the rapid growth of online transactions and digital banking, having a reliable source to access accurate information about bank branches becomes crucial. Our Tool offers a seamless solution to explore and discover in-depth bank branch details through the convenience of IFSC codes.

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Verify the bank associated with an IFSC code effortlessly using our “Search by IFSC Code” feature. This tool ensures you have the correct IFSC code before initiating NEFT or RTGS transfers to any bank account. This user-friendly feature avoids errors by double-checking the IFSC code and confirming the corresponding bank.

Your financial transactions deserve accuracy and security, and our service is here to provide you with the confidence you need when making transfers.

How to Find IFSC Code?

To find an IFSC code, follow these steps:

1. Check Your Chequebook: The IFSC code is usually printed near the account number and MICR code on your bank’s chequebook.

2. Visit Bank’s Website: Most banks have their IFSC codes on their official websites. Look for the “Branch Locator” or “IFSC Code” section.

3. Online IFSC Code Directories: There are various online platforms where you can search for IFSC codes by providing the bank name, branch location, and other details.

4. Mobile Banking App: If you use your bank’s mobile app, the IFSC code might be available when adding a payee for fund transfers.

5. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Website:** The official RBI website lists all registered banks, their branches, and their IFSC codes.

6. Google Search: You can search for “IFSC code [Bank Name] [Branch Location]” on search engines to find the required code.

Remember that accuracy is crucial when using IFSC codes for transactions, so always double-check the information before making transfers.

IFSC Code Lookup FAQs:

  1. What is an IFSC code?
    The IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) is a unique code that identifies a specific bank branch during electronic fund transfers in India.
  2. Why do I need to use an IFSC code?
    IFSC codes ensure accurate routing of funds in transactions like NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS, preventing errors and ensuring secure transfers.
  3. How can I find an IFSC code?
    You can find IFSC codes on your chequebook, bank’s website, mobile banking app, online IFSC code directories, and RBI’s official website.
  4. Can I use the same IFSC code for all transactions within the same bank?
    Yes, the same IFSC code can be used for all transactions within the same bank, but the account number will differentiate the recipients.
  5. Is the IFSC code case-sensitive?
    Yes, the IFSC code is case-sensitive. Ensure you enter it accurately during transactions to avoid any issues.
  6. Can an IFSC code be used to identify the bank’s location?
    Yes, the initial characters of the IFSC code often indicate the bank’s location or city.
  7. What if I provide the wrong IFSC code in a transaction?
    Providing the wrong IFSC code can lead to the transaction being incorrectly processed. Always double-check before initiating transfers.
  8. Are IFSC codes the same for all branches of a bank?
    No, each bank branch has a unique IFSC code distinguishes it from other branches.
  9. Is there a fee for using the IFSC code lookup service?
    Many online platforms offer IFSC code lookup services for free. Check the specific platform for any applicable charges.
  10. Can I use the IFSC code to find information about a bank branch?
    You can use an IFSC code to retrieve information about the corresponding bank branch, including its location and contact details.

Accurately using IFSC codes is essential for secure and successful financial transactions. If you have any doubts, consult your bank’s official sources.

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