Xur Location: Where Is Xur Today? Destiny 2

xur location
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If you are looking for Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2, look no further. You can now purchase the new exotic weapons in the game from Xur!

He is back in the EDZ in the Winding Cove area, and you can find him near a crashed ship and clump of player names. To find Xur, you’ll need to follow the directions below.

Once you’ve reached this location, you can proceed to the Exotic Armors room.

Xur is a rare merchant in Destiny 2. Unlike in the previous version, his location is not marked on the map, making it easy to miss him.

Therefore, you must keep an eye out for him to get what you need. You can find Xur in the Winding Cove, Nessus in Watcher’s Grave, and Tower Hangar. Here are the locations of these merchants.

However, he will not be back on your map until the following Friday, so if you want to purchase some new gear for your character, head over to Xur and check back daily!

In addition to selling Exotic Weapons and Armor, Xur will also be dropping year two exotics from his engram. Bungie confirmed this and said that Xur’s engram contains all year two exotics.

The Wavesplitter is a particularly good exotic, and it works well in PvP. Xur might not appear when you load into the location where you find him, but the problem will disappear if you switch your character.

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