TunnelBear VPN Review June 2020

TunnelBear VPN review
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TunnelBear and its Best Services: Quick Review

TunnelBear Review 2016 - Free VPN 2016

When it comes to VPN services, you should try out the best and popular TuneelBear VPN service among other VPN services that is easy to use for technical as well as non-technical users. TuneelBear is an excellent free VPN for Android app, iOS app, Windows app, Mac OS app, and Chrome ExtensionDownload Here

TunnelBear is an efficient and unobtrusive VPN provider that targets to offer a large quality service to those who have less knowledge. TunnelBear is really valuable for money service, and it is cheap, reliable and fast VPN software. Let’s review on the TunnelBear VPN service mentioned over here.


Being Canada based VPN; the TunnelBear approaches with its innovative media and aspires at daily consumers. Their designs provide a friendly appearance and amazing quality service. Its’ servers are positioned in 9 countries that give fine speeds, good security check, and offer Open VPN connections and very minimum logging.

Safety and Privacy: TunnelBear mainly affords 128bit OpenVPN connection, and it even assists in optimizing connection speeds. For the iOS gadgets, they utilize IPSec that is well-suited on Apple gadgets. They even utilize shared IPs in order to assist defending your identity.

Plans and Pricing:  This simple TunnelBear VPN program is worth upgrading to its paid version. They offer packages for monthly and yearly basis. They are even provided to the users at discounted prices for the extensive time phase they sign up for. They also include a fully free “Little Bear” version, but executed with 500MB limited download. TunnelBear package is pretty reasonable in price, though gives a competitive service with small negotiation.

TunnelBear Website: This is great built website with accurate and accessible interface. They showcase their vital information along with Twitter promos. Even their social networking is maintained up-to-date, with essential info concerning their expansions exhibited properly.


You just need to sign up with TunnelBear account that requires your username and password. If you intend to sign up for their bigger plans, then you will require providing more information in order that they can further process your payment quickly. TunnelBear Client is easy to utilize, select the location, and further click on it. Nevertheless, they offer you with few progressive settings including Vigilant Bear, Maul Trackers, IntelliBear, etc. Their performance level is high on the basis of speed, DNS, and IP Test. The speed remains quite sufficiently stable enough for an extended day-to-day use. No problem is seen with IP tests or DNS leak test.

Support: TunnelBear VPN service has a better and helpful forum that answers few of the users’ basic questions being asked on the website. The Ticket Support is also tested and thus it was found that the support team was superb. Users can acquire their help and support 24/7 and they are always ready to help them, clearing all their doubts on TunnelBear.

Browse Privately: With the use of TunnelBear, you can effortlessly secure your own data, and also hide your IP address behind a Bear.

Experience Internet as if in Another Country: You can experience the internet as if you are placed in another country! The TunnelBear VPN can effortlessly tunnel you approximately in censorship and blocked websites to another country of your selecting it.

Zap disturbing trackers: With TunnelBear, you can block website trackers (like analytics, ads, social buttons, scripts) which track every single thing that you, your family, and friends do online.

Hope you’ve got a pretty good idea about TunnelBear. Hence you can use this VPN service that is the best, simple, and brilliant. Hence, quickly download the free TunnelBear, and enjoy the unlimited internet!

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