Tricks for Creating Content People Want to Link To

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Everyone knows that viral traffic is the best possible kind of traffic you can get because it’s passive and it doesn’t cost a dime. Viral traffic is the holy grail of online marketing.

However, learning what you need to do to make your content go viral is a whole other story. It’s an elusive topic; therefore, I thought I would give you a list of tips and tricks you can use, including text marketing, for creating content people actually want to link to.
Here are some tips you can use for creating content that is sure to go viral.

Make Sure It’s Newsworthy
newsworthy content

One tactic used for helping your content go viral is to focus your content on current events or news stories that everyone is talking about. There’s a reason everyone is talking about it and if you jump on that train, your content will just add to the conversation and it does so by going viral. The content could be anything from humor, to controversial, to anything that tugs on someone’s emotions, etc.

Here’s the components of newsworthy content:

  • Timing is super important. The information must be fresh and related to current events.
  • It needs to invoke emotion.
  • User impact. It needs to be relevant to the reader’s everyday live.
  • Attention grabbing. The subject need to pull them away from what they are currently doing.
  • The information need to be credible.

Make sure to apply this template and achieve at least 3 out of the 5 components above before you publish your next article.

Make it Educational
educational content marketing

In most cases the reason people search the internet is to learn something or to get an answer to their questions. Therefore, if you provide them with the knowledge they’ve been looking for, you become their hero and highly respected in their eyes.

However, in order to do this you need to find out what it is people want to learn and how many more people would probably want to learn about that too. Then you have to develop high quality content that someone else would typically charge for.

If you don’t, it probably won’t be shared as it then becomes just another article. You can find high demand content topics by browsing your industry forums, Facebook groups and question and answer websites, etc.

Cute and Humorous Are Always Popular
humorous content writer

Think about the last video, picture or other piece of content that was so irresistible you had to click on it. It was probably something funny, cute newsworthy or controversial and those are the things that get people to click and share. Who doesn’t like to be entertained or engaged in the latest news so they can be the first to share it with their friends? Everyone! And that’s why Facebook is so popular.

Use Long List Oriented Content

When people are searching for “how to” or “ways to” do something, they tend to click on the titles that promise the most for their click. For example, most people will click on “The Top 10 Ways To” before they will click on “The Top 3 Ways To.” It’s just human nature, people want the most comprehensive information available.

To take it one step further, you can create an expanded list post. It takes a traditional list post and add depth to it.

And once you have developed your content you can easily share it to your list using an SMS marketing software and do so without much extra effort on your part.

Find It and Make it Better

Another great way to develop content people will want to link to is to find content that has already generated tons of links and make it better. No, that doesn’t mean by re-writing it and changing around a few words. It means you find content that’s already wildly popular and you find the holes in it. Discover what information is missing and write a new piece that contains all that and more. This will greatly increase your chances of people linking to your content. This is also one of the greatest link building strategies of all time.

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