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If you’re old into blogging, affiliate marketing and all, then you would probably know about StudioPress! Yes, we are talking about the company StudioPress which are behind major WordPress themes, that includes the famous and most used Genesis framework theme and they are also behind Copyblogger Media.

Anyways, we have got to know that recently StudioPress has released StudioPress Sites which will ease the work if you have got online business or something similar to that.

Well, if you are new to this thing, then you may still be wondering, what are we talking about? Well, not an issue, we will help you today with this only! Today, not only we will tell you exactly what StudioPress Sites is, but we also take a review of it, so that we know what it offers, and what it doesn’t! So let’s not waste any more time and head on to the content part.

StudioPress Sites Review

So, in short, what is StudioPress Sites actually?

Well, if we say in brief, StudioPress Sites is a WordPress hosting service, using which one can easily create and manage their WordPress website. Whatever the self-hosted WordPress sites have, same things are being offered in here.

This site is made for bloggers, podcasters, and affiliate marketers. Even if you have your services or products to sell, let it be any physical products, digital downloads or membership programs, everything works here.

StudioPress Sites: Features

StudioPress Sites

So, that was the short and quick introduction to the site! Let’s now head on to see the features and other things of StudioPress Sites.

  • Industry Standard Design Framework
  • WordPress-Optimized Performance
  • Advanced SEO Functionality
  • One-Click Install of Included Plugins
  • SSL Certificate through Let’s Encrypt
  • Automatic WordPress
    and Genesis Updates
  • Zero “Hosting” Hassles
  • Rock-Solid Security
  • World-Class Support

StudioPress Site Cost?

studiopress sites prices

How to Setup StudioPress Sites

Well, one can actually easily start up in StudioPress sites and in no time, you would be ready with your WordPress website. Just go ahead and register on the site, by choosing an appropriate plan which suits your need and then just enter your details, which include the domain name (should be registered from before), site name and your username. After that, just go ahead by clicking on “Complete and Review”.

StudioPress Sites Setup

Now, as you have set up your site, it’s time to do some settings. (Note: If you already have a site, then you should do the shifting of the files and other data. You can either do it manually or choose some third party app.)

The thing which may be mistaken by most of the users is that the setup in now over. But, we also do domain configuration, because till now the domain doesn’t know that you have decided to start upon new hosting service. So, we should configure it to StudioPress Sites hosting service. So, just now wait for at least 72 hours for the effect to take place.

After your site has been configured up with your domain name, it’s time to access your site’s login panel and request for a password reset option on your mail. After you have set up your new password, it’s time to log in with the details to the admin dashboard.

Now, one gets to see some major differences between normal manual installing and installing through StudioPress Sites. Well, in your control panel, you can get to see some options, including plugins, themes, content optimizer and one can also check their disk quota usage and some other things also.

One can also easily clear up his website’s cache whenever he feels like through the admin toolbar on the dashboard. If we take a look at the themes StudioPress Sites offer, then we have to say that the themes are just stylish and very much mobile friendly. You will find the most used Genesis framework theme and other 20 themes, that are mobile friendly too. Overall, the site has got a great designed themes. One can choose their own themes or from these 20!

studiopress-sites Themes

If we take a look at the Plugin section of StudioPress Sites, then there’s a page called “Recommended Partner Plugins”, which are recommended itself by StudioPress, and thus you can choose from these and save your time on research. There are many plugins and each of them plays different roles. There are also some plugins which offer some premium options, which you can buy through a StudioPress. One also has the freedom to install or upload their own plugins also.

studiopress-sites Plugins

The hosting service also does take care of regular software updates, so that your site is up-to-date. It also does regular backups on daily intervals, so that your site is secure. It performs regular security scanning also for viruses, malware or distributed denial of service (DDos) attacks against your site. If one has any problem or doubt, then they can contact the StudioPress support team by filing a ticket and carrying on the case on mail.


Overall, the site is a great way to expand your business and other things. StudioPress Sites can handle most of the parts themselves that include installing, managing, hosting, and various other things. They provide you with regular updates on security, backups, etc. so you never need to worry about your security. One can also get to see some cool and modern mobile-friendly themes, partner plugins, all under one roof.

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