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After Google Giving higher rank to HTTPS over the HTTP

You might be looking to move your WordPress website to secure connection HTTP to HTTPS.

With Cloudflare free SSL you can easily enable your SSL for your WordPress  site.


What is Cloudflare ?

CloudFlare is designed to accelerate and secure any website. Our system works somewhat like a content delivery network (CDN), but is designed to be much easier to setup and configure. – Matthew Prince

So how to move HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress?

Step 1. Go to Cloudflare and signup

cloudflare signup

Step 2. Add site to Cloudflare

SSL free for wordpress


Step 3. Enable SSL on Cloudflare
HTTPS free with cloudflare

Add a page rule on CloudFlare
(a) Always uses https – **
(b) SSL: Full SSL – **

Step 4. Install CloudFlare Flexible SSL pluginInstall CloudFlare Flexible SSL


Step 5. Visit your site with HTTPS

* Please wait for some minutes it might be take some time for configuration.
* If not working than go to general settings and add https on both WordPress Address  and Site Address (URLs)


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