HostGator Cloud Hosting Review 2018 and Coupon [October]

hostgator cloud hosting review
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HostGator Cloud Hosting is not another of the usual shared hosting platform that many are accustomed to. This is a whole new and different ball game that many stakeholders in the web hosting fraternity are not leveraging. There is much to benefit from using the HostGator Cloud Based cPanel Web Hosting and more to that, there are coupons for discounts but let us first look at the benefits.

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Speed and Uptime

hostgator cloud hosting uptime

Date:1/1/2017 to 31/1/2017 (January) 

hostgator cloud hosting uptime

Date:1/5/2017 to 31/5/2017 (May)

hostgator cloud hosting review

Speed and uptime are important factors if you want to have success online. Everybody wants a fast website and one they can count on.  There isn’t much good to a website if it cannot stay online. HostGator is ahead of other major hosting agents like SiteGround and A2 which came third and second in our website uptime survey for the last six months. Most other websites are okay with 99% HostGator delivers 100% at a time that matters most.

It is not cute to try opening a site either on desktop or mobile only for you to wait for eternity for it to open. What you do is go back to the Search engine reports and go to the next site on the list. This is what happens to your website if it cannot load fast enough. Slow page loading time- anything more than 5 seconds- can set you back up to 75% of web traffic. The opposite is true, faster loading times can increase your traffic by 75%. HostGator gives you this leverage over your competitors at very friendly costs. (Cost is something you should consider. Don’t pay so much for the same value)

Hostgator Cloud Hosting  Site Real Time

hostgator cloud hosting real time

Hostgator Cloud Hosting Site Traffic

hostgator cloud hosting traffic


Competitive Pricing

hostgator cloud hosting plans

HostGator Cloud Hosting gives you the most competitive prices in the industry considering the value being delivered here. Prices for HostGator Cloud Hosting services start from $4.95 per month to 9.95 per month for the Cloud web hosting.

Hostgator Cloud Hosting Coupon

Go to and enter these codes for your discounts.

1 – AMIT25 for 25% Off

2 – AMIT1CENT for $0.01 First Month

hostgator cloud hosting review and coupon

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Awesome User Interface

HostGator Cloud Hosting

HostGator is committed to making it quite easy to get what you want. There is no jargon to leave you lost and confused. Everything is well laid out in plain straight forward manner and explained in plain English. Site navigation is quite a breeze; so is signing up for an account.  The price tiers are well spelled out- you seem to want to stay in their site and get the all the detailed information they have put out.

What is more? If you can’t seem to get the help you need, live support is on standby to sort you out.

Support services and free packages

  • HostGator is quite generous. There is a whole load of extras thrown in just for your liking and convenience. These include;
  • Free migration. No charges for transferring your site from your previous host
  • Auto-malware removal. You don’t have to worry about security loop holes even when using third party open source plugins and tools; HostGator is always available to close the back door on hackers.
  • Daily Backup. You can opt to set up daily backups from the easy to use HostGator Cloud Hosting control panel and let stuff be backed up automatically. This could come in handy when things go to the dogs and you have to put your site back online.
  • SSL Certificates. You get a free SSL certificate to help you facilitate your online transactions. No business should be without this on their online store. SSL certificates help you to encrypt and protect sensitive data. SSL certificates are also good for site ranking.

Cloud vs. Web Hosting

Cloud vs Web Hosting

There is little not to like about HostGator Cloud Hosting service. They don’t have a social channel where you can reach them but who wants that when there is instant round the clock live support on their site?

So do I recommend HostGator Cloud Hosting? Yes 100%. Their basic shared option may not be quite a blast but with the new upgrades on Cloud Hosting, things are just wham!! The uptime and prices are to die for not mentioning the impressive extras that you get to benefit from.

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