GreenGeeks Review + Coupon Code 2019 Max Discount up to 20%

greengeeks coupon code
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In this post, I will share GreenGeeks coupon code, and also take a look at this green web hosting provider and discuss what makes them so unique.

Brief overview of GreenGeeks Web hosting

green web hosting

Green Geeks is popularly considered to be the number one provider of green energy web hosting packages, and to their credit, profit does not seem to be their highest priority. At GreenGeeks, the most important priorities are to provide environmentally-friendly web hosting at an affordable price, and then back it up with world-class customer support.

GreenGeeks was founded in 2006 and has earned admiration throughout the web hosting industry for their unwavering commitment to green energy hosting solutions. GreenGeeks restores three times the energy that they utilize for their web host operations with wind power, and CEO Trey Gardner has stated two important goals for the company:

  • Giving excellent, reliable web hosting services at reasonable rates
  • Delivering the excellent customer service in the industry

GreenGeeks hosting is a breath of fresh air. For Gardner and GreenGeeks, encouraging every website on the Internet to be hosted by a web hosting company that makes use of smart, green energy is at the top of their priority lists. Headquartered in California, GreenGeeks feels it’s critical for the web hosting industry to begin moving towards being more eco-friendly. The web hosting provider has projected that by 2020, the industry will be as polluting as the airline business unless significant changes are made now to make it ‘greener.’

This may come as a shock to many, but studies have shown that the hosting industry is consuming as much energy as 14 of the top power plants. It quickly becomes apparent that some things need to change within the hosting industry.

GreenGeeks is collaborating with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation in buying wind energy credits to offset their energy utilization and return more energy produced by wind power back to the grid. In fact, the amount of wind energy returned to the grid is three times the amount used by GreenGeeks’ servers, functioning with reconfiguration that makes them operate more efficiently using a lesser amount of energy along with the ability to run cooler during operation.

GreenGeeks also contributes towards the enhancement of the environment by employing meticulous recycling practices in their offices, getting employees to take turns to bring home-cooked meals to lessen the amount of paper, plastic, and other waste that usually comes with takeout orders. They also permit their staffs to telecommute from home and share offices near their homes to save money and reduce carbon emissions from cars.

GreenGeeks Promo Code 2018

How to use this GreenGeeks promo code?

Step 1: For Activate GreenGeeks coupon, click the Coupon Code button below. You do not need to apply any coupon code at GreenGeeks; it will automatically get applied.

Step 2: Now Click on “View Hosting Plans” & Click Get Started Button.

greengeeks promo code 2016

Step 3: You can get free domain or continue with existing domain.

greengeeks domains promo code

Step 4: Fill your personal details to purchase.

greengeeks web hosting

You don’t need to do any GreenGeeks coupon copy paste stuff. It will get applied automatically Like Below screenshot.

greengeeks coupon code 2016

Why use GreenGeeks Coupon Code?

20% off the price of a shared hosting plan + Free Domain Like .com, .net, .org

Generally, without a promo code, GreenGeeks offers shared hosting @ $9.95/month

With this discount code – Web Hosting available for just $3.96/month + 1 Free Domain with three-year EcoSite Starter hosting plan.

Note: $3.96 is only applicable if you buy hosting for 3 years, for 2 years it will cost you $5.56/month and for 1 year $6.36/month

So take advantage of max discount with 3 years plan.

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