Top 8 Best Websites for Checking Google Keyword Rankings 2020

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Search Engine Optimization is a method that is used to enhance the site’s position in the Google search ranking. Making out an effective SEO plan for your website is a great way of attracting the customers towards your product and services. The main aim of a search engine is to offer a correct result that offers needed information as swiftly and accurately as possible. Search engines identify all the significant information online and rank them on the basis of their quality.

Here are the top 5 SEO Websites that will help you get a precise Google Keyword ranking,

1. SEMrush

SEMrush was established in the year 2008 as a small firm of SEO and IT specialists. In a very short span, this small group has become one of the world’s leading competitive online marketing research services. At present, the company has over two hundred specialists in four different countries solely dedicated to creating the best solution for competitive intelligence for all the areas of digital marketing. SEMrush has established itself as an in-house tool that is used for marketing purpose.


Services offered by SEMrush:

  • Organic Research: with organic research the find out what is the best keywords used by your competitors. They also discover new organic competitors for your website
  • Advertising research: they monitor and find out what advertisement strategy your competitors are using. They also tell you their budget.
  • Advertising Display: they help you look at the leading advertisers and publisher and also spot the new publishers in the market.
  • Backlinking: they perform a deep linking analysis and check the types of backlinks to ensure that you have a quality backlinking
  • Keyword research: they help you find the right keyword for your website to generate effective traffic. They offer you long-tail keywords, phrases and related keywords.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO websites to check your Google ranking. They will tell you why your competitors are ranking high and what you need to get high ranking. They are powered by the top and the compressive data in the SEO industry and are well-known in providing quality data.


Services offered by Ahrefs:

  • Keyword research: They perform a comprehensive keyword research that let you know that what are the trending keywords for your niche and what keywords your competitors are using to improve their search engine ranking.
  • Content Research: they perform research on the content according to your niche to find out what attract the backlinks and shares.
  • Link Building: they helps you find out from where your competitors are getting their backlinks and how they are building their links.
  • Web Monitoring: they offer effective web monitoring that track where you competitors are getting backlinks.

3. ProRank Tracker

ProRank Tracker is the best way to get the most out of your data to analyse your SEO ranking information on all the websites to ensure that you are ahead of your competitors. They offer you advanced reports to analyse your ranking as well as manage your PRT account. They provide effective keyword suggestions that will help you get better ranking. They offer bulk adding thus helps in saving time and allow proper organization. More importantly, they are flexible which means irrespective of the type of business they will get you a PRT that suits your business perfectly.


Services offered by ProRank Tracker:

  • Advanced Reports: They offer advanced reports including historical and progress report, overview report, benchmark reports, etc.
  • Ranking Discovery: they evaluate and find the terms of your website that has major rankings so that you would be able to plan keywords of your website accordingly.
  • Keyword Suggestion: Apart from discovering the trending keywords they offer you suggestions that will help you improve your search engine ranking.
  • Bulk adding as well as organizing: By adding tools and data management features they save time and increase efficiency.


SERPLAB heck the Google search engine ranking position speedily and precisely using various tools. They are a free Google ranking checker that allows you to know your Google ranking. They look into the health of your website; tell you what your competitors are doing. Thus helps you in the planning process.


SEO services offered by SERPLAB:

  • Check ranking position: SERPLAB offer free checking of the Search Engine Ranking of the website. Their results are quick and precise, and you get to use various free tools.

5. SE Ranking:

SE Ranking is one of the leading software solutions because of its unique modules that are designed to help you increase your Google ranking. They offer keyword rank tracking, website audit. They also offer marketing plan to ensure that your website ranks on the top of the search engine

SE Ranking

 SEO services offered by SE Ranking are:

  • Keyword rank tracking: They offer 100% precise positions of the keywords of the websites amongst the leading search engines.
  • Website Audit: They thoroughly evaluate the list of factors resulted in rankings and pick out the major hiccups that are holding the website back.
  • Monitoring of Backlinks: They manually import backlinking by pasting or uploading a .txt file with the original link.
  • On-Page SEO Audit: They thoroughly evaluate the website to see how well the website is working and what are the things that are required to fix.

6. Serpbook

This tool is very necessary for those people who are looking for automated and brandable reports. Basically these are used by agencies or groups or professionals. It is a simple and effective solution. Here are some highlights of SEO rank tracker.


Services offered by Serpbook:

  • Local tracking is possible: You can track your search engines from anywhere in this world.
  • Immediate sharing: You can share your things on a short notice to your friends.
  • Ranking of reports: for a particular group or agency you can rank the scheduled reports.

7. Seomonitor

This gives an exceptional performance. It is the simplest mode of SEO to get the effortless results. Following are some features of SEO monitor.


Services offered by Seomonitor:

  • Easiness in research: There is easiness in the search of keywords which are already stored in library.
  • Traffic seeker: You can get as much as traffic you want through this medium.
  • Most reliable edge: Till date this is termed to be the best compatible asset in the industry.

8. SERPWatcher

All New tool for tracking your existing keywords from KWFinder review

Services offered by SERPWatcher:

  • DOMINANCE INDEX: Based on keyword positions and their estimated visits, Dominance index considers different weight of each tracked keyword.


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