Google Keyword Planner Fix – Get Back The Old Volume Data

google keyword planner data fix
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Last Update September 30th, 2016 We all know that how important search volume estimation which already removed from Google keyword planner

Instead of Avg. Monthly searches you see ranges like: 10k-100k

So How to get back the old Google Keyword Planner volume data?

Here’s the solution may be temporary, Can’t say if still going to work in future but you should try

Step 1. Create New Google AdWords MCC Account: (Use different email id)
Sign Up –

Google AdWords MCC Account:

On “How will you primarily use this AdWords manager account?”
Select – “To manage other people’s accounts.


Step 2. Now Link Your Old Adwords Account on MCC: (Link existing accounts)

Adwords mcc account ink existing accounts

Now Enter 10 Digit Customer ID of Old Adwords Account
Located on top right corner of your Old AdWords account

Linking Old Adwords Account

“Request Approval”

mcc account request

Now Accept Request on Old Adwords Account:

Account settings –> Account access

In the “Client managers” section, click “On” in the “Administrative owner”


Step 3. Access keyword planner via MCC account:

google keyword planner fix

google keyword planner fix

google keyword planner data fixDone 🙂

Google Keyword Planner Alternative – KW Finder

Keyword research without google keyword planner – Keywords Everywhere

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