Famisafe Review 2021 – the Best Parental Control App in 2022

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FamiSafe Review – The Best Parental Control Tool In 2021

Technology has reached new heights in the last decade. Gadgets have been introduced in our world and so much have they blended themselves in, that we find our life depends on them. Not just adults, but nowadays, most teenagers have their own tablets and smartphones. And now the kids don’t like parents prying in their lives so they also have several security features and lock systems so that their parents cannot check their day-to-day activities through the smart gadgets they use. But whatever generation it is, and however smart our kids become or try to become, they always need their parents to keep a hold of their life so that the kids do not get in any danger.

While this new generation strives to become independent and free from any parental control, it has become even harder for parents to regulate their children’s’ doings. Here comes FamiSafe to the rescue. This is a completely reliable app through which parents can keep track of the whereabouts of their children. FamiSafe helps you to protect your tweens from cyberbullies and sexual predators and perpetrators. You can get updated on what your teen does, how much time they spend on their device, and what sort of content they like to see.

What Is FamiSafe?

FamiSafe is specially designed for parents to keep track of their tween’s life. However independent today’s teenagers feel, it is necessary for the parents to guard them against any danger or threat.

As technology is growing, so is cybercrime. All of this may lead to constant worrying about your child’s safety. That’s why FamiSafe helps you look out for your children by providing you with activity reports of your children’s gadgets like letting you know which apps were installed on their device and which are deleted, which apps they use more often than the others, how much time they spend on the screen, and much, much more. You can also control which application your child should not use, or regulate a time-limit for them. You can set up a schedule for your child and prevent him from getting addicted to their phones.

FamiSafe also gives you instant alerts in case a suspicious text is sent or received, or intimate photos are being shared. All you need to do to get this righteous information is to register a FamiSafe account on its website or app, install the application right away on both your’s and your child’s device, and then connect all the devices which need regulation on the easy-to-use FamiSafe dashboard.

FamiSafe Parental Control App Features

  • Activity Report: You can check your kid’s daily activities as well as screen time. This feature lets you know remotely what apps your teen is currently using, what apps he has currently installed or deleted, and how much time he spends on each app. So you don’t have to check your kid’s phone every day. This way you can communicate with them if they have been threatened or bullied by any application, and tell them of the potential risks they may have by using any shady application.

FamiSafe Activity Reports

  • Location Tracking: This feature has been found to be the most useful among parents. You can check your child’s whereabouts anytime you want and ensure their safety. Also, you can check their location history timeline to know their routine and confront them if they are lying to you. The most amazing thing about this feature is that you can create georeferences yourself like ‘home’ or ‘school’ around specific locations so that you will get notified if they break their regular routine like secretly bunking out of school or college and planning anything unsafe.

FamiSafe Location Tracking

  • Website Filter: This feature gives you the power to regulate your children’s activities on suspicious or unsafe websites. You can even check the websites they visit through incognito mode and view their history. This way, you can stop them from using age-inappropriate websites or applications like porn or gamble. You can block anything you do not want your kid to see by filtering websites by categories on Safari or Chrome. Moreover, you will get notified if they try to visit those blocked websites. Even if your kid is smart enough to delete his browsing history, you can still view it through this feature.

FamiSafe Website Filter

  • Detect Suspicious Photos and texts: You can detect inappropriate photos and texts received or sent by your child. Through this feature, you can know if your child shares or receives explicit nude photos, porn screenshots, sexts, etc by getting alerted instantly. This will help the parents rescue their children from any kind of sexual harassment or provocation, and other concerns like porn addiction and cyberbullying. Suspicious photos. screenshots or downloads in the gallery are easily detectable through FamiSafe. Also, you can send instant warnings on your child’s phone when you detect something inappropriate or dangerous. Detected images will be directly sent to parent’s devices.

Detect Suspicious Photos and texts

  • Limit Screen Time: You can remotely set the screen time you think is appropriate for your child and track his daily usage. This prevents them from being phone-addicted and helps in developing healthy digital habits. You can also monitor the screen time daily, weekly, or monthly and know which time of the day they waste more on their phones. Moreover, you can schedule the screen time according to their location, like the lesser time during school or study hours, and reward them extra time if they finish their assignments effectively.

limit screen time app 2021

Final Words

It is tough being a parent in this technology-driven world and have a peaceful sleep without worrying about your child’s doings. FamiSafe gives you power so that you can stop worrying and keep your child safe with healthy digital habits. Through FamiSafe you can ensure a good addiction-free and safe future for your children. You don’t need to check whether they are asleep or glued to their phones. You can know it all from your device. This is the most reliable parental control application so they can get hold of their teen’s life easier and prevent them from any risks.