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Keyword Research without using Google Adwords?

Google keyword planner is one of the best free resource for keyword research but recently updated with limits keywords data to advertisers only

That means users who don’t have running ad campaigns in AdWords will now have to start buying ads to see detailed data.

So I wrote post earlier Google Keyword Planner Fix for getting back the old volume data

But this heck seems like not going to work in upcoming days, so I have another solution for this

How To Get Keyword Search Volume, CPC without Google Planner?

Install extension Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere

Sign up for Free API

keywords everywhere api

Copy Your API Key

keywords everywhere api key

your api key

Set your API Key

Now Press the Keywords Everywhere icon in your toolbar and click on Update Settings.


Validate your key and Done 🙂

keywords everywhere

  • Now Go to and search your keyword. The metrics will show up under the search box.


wireless speakers 2017

Unlock with keywords everywhere

Go to & Search Your Keyword

keyword tool

Copy all keywords

copy all keywords

Now Press the Keywords Everywhere icon in your toolbar and click on Get Metrics for my keywords


Paste all your keywords & Click Get Search Volume and CPC 


seo keywords

Done 🙂

Keywords Everywhere also works with Ubersuggest, Soovle, Keyword Shitter, Answer the Public, Google Search Console & Google Analytics




soovle tool

Google Search Console:

google search console

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics


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