54+ Negative Words That Start With A

negative words that start with a
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Whether you are writing an essay or speaking to a friend, your chosen words can strongly impact how your message is received. They are often part of everyday conversations, whether we are trying to express our emotions or describe someone else’s behavior.

This article will explore negative words beginning with A, including their definitions.

  1. Abandoned – left without care or supervision
  2. Aberrant – deviating from the norm or expected standard
  3. Abhorrent – causing disgust or hatred
  4. Abnormal – deviating from the normal or typical
  5. Abominable – extremely unpleasant or terrible
  6. Abrasive – rough or harsh in manner or texture
  7. Absconding – leaving hurriedly or secretly to avoid detection or punishment
  8. Absent-minded – forgetful or inattentive due to preoccupation
  9. Absurd – extremely unreasonable or illogical
  10. Abusive – using harsh or insulting language or behavior toward others
  11. Accursed – cursed or doomed
  12. Acerbic – sharp or sarcastic in tone or temperament
  13. Acidic – having a pH less than 7; sour or caustic in taste or behavior
  14. Acrid – having a strong or unpleasant taste or smell
  15. Adamant – refusing to be persuaded or change one’s mind
  16. Addicted – physically or psychologically dependent on a substance or activity
  17. Adverse – unfavorable or harmful
  18. Aggravating – irritating or provoking
  19. Aggressive – hostile or forceful in manner or behavior
  20. Agonizing – causing great physical or emotional pain
  21. Aimless – without purpose or direction
  22. Airheaded – silly or unintelligent
  23. Alienated – feeling isolated or estranged from others
  24. Alarming – causing fear or concern
  25. Alcoholic – related to or addicted to alcohol
  26. Aloof – distant or uninvolved in social interactions
  27. Ambiguous – unclear or having multiple meanings
  28. Amoral – lacking ethical or moral standards
  29. Amorphous – lacking a definite shape or form
  30. Amuck – out of control or behaving in a wild or violent manner
  31. Anarchic – lacking order or governance
  32. Annoying – causing irritation or inconvenience
  33. Antagonistic – actively opposing or hostile towards someone or something
  34. Antisocial – not interested in or disregarding social norms or rules
  35. Anxious – feeling uneasy or apprehensive
  36. Apathetic – lacking interest or concern
  37. Ape-like – resembling or behaving like an ape
  38. Appalling – causing shock or horror
  39. Apprehensive – fearful or anxious about the future
  40. Arrogant – excessively proud or self-important
  41. Artless – lacking skill or sophistication
  42. Ashamed – feeling guilt or embarrassment
  43. Asinine – foolish or stupid
  44. Assailant – someone who attacks or assaults others
  45. Assertive – confident or forceful in expressing opinions or desires
  46. Atrocious – extremely cruel or bad
  47. Audacious – daring or bold in a reckless way
  48. Augmenting – increasing or expanding in size or quantity
  49. Austere – severe or strict in manner or appearance
  50. Autocratic – having absolute power or authority
  51. Avaricious – having a strong desire for wealth or material possessions
  52. Avoidant – avoiding or evading situations or people
  53. Awful – extremely bad or unpleasant
  54. Awkward – lacking grace or clumsiness in movement or behavior

here are some example sentences for each word in table form:

Word Example Sentence
Abandoned The abandoned house was in disrepair.
Aberrant The data showed an aberrant result that was unexpected.
Abhorrent His abhorrent behavior made everyone uncomfortable.
Abnormal The abnormal growth was cause for concern.
Abominable The weather was abominable, with heavy snow and strong winds.
Abrasive His abrasive personality made it hard to get along with him.
Absconding The suspect was caught absconding from the crime scene.
Absent-minded He was so absent-minded, he often forgot his own name.
Absurd The absurd proposal was laughed off by everyone.
Abusive Her abusive partner was finally arrested for domestic violence.
Accursed The town was said to be accursed by a witch centuries ago.
Acerbic His acerbic wit made him a popular comedian.
Acidic The acidic solution burned through the metal container.
Acrid The acrid smell of smoke filled the air.
Adamant She was adamant about sticking to her beliefs.
Addicted He was addicted to cigarettes and couldn’t quit.
Adverse The adverse weather conditions caused flight delays.
Aggravating The constant noise from construction was aggravating.
Aggressive The aggressive dog growled and barked at everyone.
Agonizing The agonizing pain in his back kept him from sleeping.
Aimless He wandered aimlessly through the city, unsure of where to go.
Airheaded She was so airheaded, she couldn’t even remember her own phone number.
Alienated The new employee felt alienated from the rest of the team.
Alarming The alarming news of the earthquake shook the town.
Alcoholic He was an alcoholic and had to go to rehab to recover.
Aloof She was aloof and didn’t interact much with her coworkers.
Ambiguous The ambiguous instructions left us confused and uncertain.
Amoral His amoral behavior made him an unpopular figure.
Amorphous The amorphous cloud of smoke drifted through the air.
Amuck The students ran amuck through the halls during lunch.
Anarchic The anarchic society had no laws or government.
Annoying Her annoying habit of interrupting made it hard to have a conversation.
Antagonistic His antagonistic attitude made it hard to work with him.
Antisocial He was antisocial and preferred to spend time alone.
Anxious She was anxious about the upcoming exam.
Apathetic His apathetic response to the crisis was disappointing.
Ape-like The toddler was running around the house, acting ape-like.
Appalling The conditions in the prison were appalling and inhumane.
Apprehensive She was apprehensive about the job interview.
Arrogant His arrogant demeanor made him unpopular with his colleagues.
Artless The artless painting lacked any real talent or skill.